Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

{ Being Creative } Tried it with Love Poems

um Sonntag, Februar 14, 2016
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Good Morning, 

Someone told me to let my thoughts out, ups, it was myself. So I let my feelings flow but it's not so easy than to say it. So I tried it with poems, in hope I got it right. I don't know what to say. I am not sure if I want to let you see what is inside of me. This is new for me. 
It has no name... why not? Because I wrote for myself and do for someone else. Why should I? It doesn't help no one. No one cares. It is just a poem, not something what you should care about. Maybe you should care about, at least you should care about me because that poem belongs to my heart and what I am feeling for ... 
I am not that ice queen that I always pretend to be. I always pretend to be fine because I want you to see me strong.

Remember this poem is maybe one of my love story. 
The second Version is similar to the orginal poem I wrote for someone I reallly liked. He is gone now, so I had to delete everything what remembers me at him. 

Update Februrary 2016: This is not for a special Person. I just wrote it a few Years ago. I think it's time to publish it. Sorry about the bad - not even there academic - grammar. It's a poetry. There is now need for grammar. 
Have a nice Valentines Day with the one you love. :)

Version 2:
I am not one of the romantics
but I am also able to feel.
Act like an strange ice queen
with no heart
but look through my wall
there we see
what's real
past changes us
present made us
future let melt ice,

I know when I feel
when I have dreams
it's always a deep thing
I am a dream-feel-thinker

Version 3:
Here should stand a poetry
but I am not good at this
express feelings
like everyone.
I call myself crazy
with a true sense
people think
I am not sure
what I want
but some i know
and that's you.
belong to my future
since we met
impresses me somehow
I don't know, how.
I never had that
I met someone
at the first time
I party away from home.
but i did and
since then
I am smiling almost all the time
thanks to you.
I like you more then it fits in words.

Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

Russian Artist Creates Incrediable Baroque Wigs From Paper

um Mittwoch, Februar 10, 2016
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Artist: asya kozina

Friday Filler #18 from I don't now when on a Wednesday

um Mittwoch, Februar 10, 2016
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1.   Das Zimmer sollte ich vielleicht mal aufräumen ... 
2.   Sims wird immer meine Leidenschaft bleiben.
3.   Der Abschied von meinen kleinem weißen Wuff war schwer. .
4.   Toastbrot mit Kräuterbutter auf die Schnelle.
5.    Ich könnte mal wieder lesen .
6.   Meine geliebte Erdbeerpflanze stand bis zu ihrem Ableben vor meinem Küchenfenster. Die Erdbeeren schmeckten viel besser als aus dem Handel.

7. Was das Wochenende angeht, wir haben erst Mittwoch !

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